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MV à jour M14-15
le 26/09/2014 12:22
Désormais magic-ville est à jour concernant les formulations des cartes qui parlent d'indestructibilité, de rendre imblocable, et de changer la force et l'endurance d'une créature.

1. Avec M14, Indestructible est effectivement devenu un mot-clef. On ne dit donc plus "est indestructible" mais "acquiert l'indestructible" (et il n'y a plus de bizarreries d'interactions entre les cartes qui donnent l'indestructible et les cartes qui enlèvent les capacités...)

2. De même ils ont décidé de changer le mot "imblocable" en "ne peut pas être bloqué".

(cf. l'oracle update bulletin de M14)

3. Enfin avec M15, ils ont voulu clarifier la manière dont interagissent des effets qui fixent la force et l'endurance à une certaine valeur et les effets qui modifient la force et l'endurance :

Cards that set a creature's power and/or toughness to specific values, like Turn to Frog, were always confusing because while the card said the creature "became 1/1," this was often not true because of other continuous effects. Things like Auras, +1/+1 counters, and Giant Growth still applied to the creature. It was definitely weird when your creature that just became 1/1 was actually 3/5. To help alleviate this confusion, we came up with a new term: base power and toughness. Cards that set a creature's power and toughness to a specific value will now use this new template to reinforce that you're essentially just changing the numbers in the lower right corner. Other effects may still apply. (Special shout-out to former Magic developer Max McCall for convincing us to get the ball rolling on this one.)

In all, 47 cards were updated. There are many variations, and it would be unwieldy to list them all here. If you search Gatherer for the rules text "base," you'll find 48 cards. Just ignore Phyrexian Debaser.

Notably, cards that animated themselves, like Mutavault, and cards that were likely to affect noncreatures, like March of the Machines, did not receive an update. Our research showed that very few people were confused about Mutavault was 3/3 if you activated its last ability while controlling Glorious Anthem, for example.
Suisse Normande, France
le 26/09/2014 13:08
Super boulot ! merci ZS !
the Lifestream, FFVII
le 13/03/2015 13:04
GLOIRE A JMB, FORCE ET HONNEUR T est un Dieu de la webmasterisation ^^
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